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Employee Benefits

Below is an overview of our extensive benefits.

401K Plan with Matching

We offer a 401K Safe Harbor plan to full-time employees, eligible after 6 months of employment. We believe in saving, and we believe in helping our team members save for their future. Flashpoint matches 3% of employee wages for all eligible employees, regardless of their contributions. We also have a Profit Sharing Plan.

Holidays and Leave

Full-time employees effectively receive holidays off and a minimum of 2 weeks of leave per year. Depending on the compensation package, you will most likely have 3 weeks off.

Salary and Payroll

Flashpoint offers competitive salaries, and our small size enables us to be creative with our compensation packages. If you are a fit, we're confident we can work out a package to meet your needs. We pay monthly via a payroll service with electronic deposit. You'll receive a regular check, and your W-2 or 1099 at year end just like any big company.


As a small company, we understand first-hand the value of working "virtually". Depending on the position, we are able to offer partial to full work-at-home schedules to save on commuting time and costs, so you can be at home instead of sitting in traffic.


Our Belief
Flashpoint Internet Solutions was founded in 2003 on a simple concept: focus on doing your best work every day, make sure your customers know how important they are, and you will succeed.

Succeed, and you will be rewarded.

We know that when you reward your people for their success, you will inspire them to achieve more.

We put this belief into action every day. Give us a chance to prove it to you.

Last updated: January 2021